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Kylie Nassar

Name: Kylie Nassar

Member Type: Certified Member


Location: Canberra and globally via Zoom


Available services include:


CTC- Combined Therapy Cocktail 









Have you ever doubted yourself, doubted your worth, felt like you have so much more potential?

I know what this feels like, but I also know how it feels to move on from this and live a life free of these negative emotions and self-sabotaging ways.

My purpose is to show you how different your life can be. I’m here to help guide you back to your true self. 

If you know that where you are now and how you feel isn’t where you want to stay, if you’re ready to be free of those debilitating beliefs, then reach out to me as I have an incredible set of tools including CTC Therapy, Reiki, NLP, EFT, and Hypnosis to help put you back on your true path.

To find your way back to you through your love and acceptance.

Kylie Nassar
P: 0412 662 740

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