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Reiki I and II Training

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Reiki I

9th and 10th March, 2024​


15th and 16 June, 2024


In-person (Cooma, NSW) and you can also join ONLINE LIVE

Reiki II

25th and 26th May, 2024

7th and 8th September, 2024

In-person (Cooma, NSW) and you can also join ONLINE LIVE

The Usui System of Natural Healing


Reiki is Universal Life Energy the energy found in all living things. The Usui system of Reiki Healing applies this unlimited source of Reiki energy through touch for the purpose of healing yourself and others. 


A Reiki treatment supports the whole person—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


On a physical level, Reiki brings relaxation to stressed muscles, decreases pain, accelerates the healing time of bones and wounds, diminishes burns and bruises. Reiki facilitates in the healing of and accelerates the healing of all illness and much more. Reiki treats both the cause and the symptoms of disease.


On a mental and emotional level, anxiety is reduced, a sense of well being is increased and another level of relaxation is felt. At this level a rebalancing of energies occurs. Reiki not only targets the physical issue, but also the emotional cause behind it which then allows for the release of blockages and with this the natural healing ability of the body is enhanced.


On a spiritual level, people often feel reborn and rejuvenated and mention they feel a deep desire to step onto their spiritual path, to become more in tune with themselves, to discover who they really are and their life purpose. People often find comfort in this wondrous energy of Unconditional love.   


A Touch of History 


Since the beginning of time various forms of energy healing have evolved and been lost. The Usui system of Reiki was founded in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Christian educator and scholar. After being challenged by one of his students as to whether or not he believed, and how the laying of hands could heal Dr, Usui began an intense search of study, travel and meditation. It was through this study and a profound 21 day meditation experience that Dr. Usui was blessed with sacred symbols and the wonderful gift of healing. Dr. Usui dedicated the remainder of his life to practicing and teaching this unique, yet ancient healing art.


Learning the Art of Reiki 


Reiki is very easy to learn, this is our birth right and it’s just a matter of being opened up to it again, through powerful attunements. Students often say that attending a Reiki weekend feels like coming home, a sense of connecting with the self on a very deep level.


Reiki 1 


Is held over 2 days, you are given 4 attunements, taught the history of Reiki and shown the hand positions for both self healing and the healing of others. Much time is spent sharing Reiki treatments. There is also an insight into the Chakra’s and the emotional cause of illness. Reiki 1 is the foundation of one’s personal healing process with Reiki.. As of the very first attunement you become much more sensitive to the world of energies, you will feel different sensations in your own hands and from the hands of fellow students. 2 days, one weekend is all it takes to set you on the path of true connection with you and all that is.


Reiki 2 


Is also held over 2 days you are taught 3 sacred symbols and given 1 more attunement. You are taught how to use these symbols to send Reiki at a distance to anyone, anything, anywhere at anytime. You are shown how to use these symbols for various levels of healing and in your day to day life. Reiki 2 is a deepening of one’s personal dedication and commitment to their individual path with Reiki. Reiki 2 is always a fun weekend with lots of exercises allowing you to practice your skills at intuitively picking up on issues at a distance. Works instantly after your attunement.


The experience of touching a body and feeling the energy move, the experience of initiation, the inexplicable changes that occur immediately after a treatment move the feeling of wonder back into our lives. The more we have this experience, the more we are able to recognise and create situations where wonder has an honoured place in our daily life. This practice of laying on of hands gives us the capacity to tap into the experience of wonder and mystery at will. As we include the reality of mystery in our daily lives, our possibilities for change and movement increase dramatically.

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