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Rachel Davis

Name: Rachel Davis

Member Type: Certified Member


Location: Newcastle, Hunter Region NSW & Worldwide via Zoom.


How to contact me:

Phone: 0413 112 056



What I do:











Express Yourself Workshops & Coaching (journaling, art therapy & movement meditation)


Inner Beauty Outer Glow Women’s Retreats & Community (self-care, mental, physical, emotional & spiritual wellness)


Holistic Hairdresser & MakeUp Artist


Creator of Brave Cosmetics

Life & Business Coach

Hairdressing Educator & Mentor

Who I am:

As a hairdresser & makeup artist for almost 30 years, I have spent my career helping people feel better by making them look good, but I have always been acutely aware of how interconnected the 2 things were, and the important role I played in people’s lives.

Through my own experiences & life’s journey I have discovered in myself, the desire to help people heal & thrive runs so much deeper than how they look.

Through my own healing work I have developed a deep understanding of the limiting beliefs we place on ourselves & the ways in which we sabotage our health, our wealth & our happiness.

Combining my life experience, my open-hearted personality & my skills in caring for others with a selection of therapies including reiki, NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT, journaling, embodiment & my intuitive gifts, I wish to assist you in finding your way in this life.

How I can help you:

I know you are here because you are looking for more. That your soul is crying out for a deeper connection to your self, your life and your spirituality.

I have been where you are now. I have experienced pain & disconnection, dis-ease and discomfort. Once I woke to the realisation that these things show up in our world to move us out of the place we are stuck in and into the life we are meant to live, the life we desire; That we are being called to change – because if nothing changes….

Then nothing changes. That was when my entire world began to shift. I want to make my life experiences and the lessons I’m learning, matter. I want to show you that through grief, mental illness, loss, heartbreak & anxiety you can overcome, you can get though, you will shine bright. I want you to know you are not alone. Ever.


I want to help you embrace all of who you are, find your path & be your truest you. I want to help you find your Brave.

My expertise lays in helping you unearth your inner beauty so your outer beauty glows even more. It is in helping you discover a true and deep love for yourself – and that through self care, letting go of past hurts, negative emotions & self limiting beliefs that you will find your self, your path, your truth & a sense of peace & wholeness like you’ve never known.

I am here to help you navigate your way through old wounds and releasing the fears that hold you back & keep you stuck by using a selection of therapies including NLP, EFT, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Journaling, Embodiment & my intuitive gifts, combined also with my extensive experience in self-care in the beauty & wellness industry.


I am also an experienced business owner who struggled for many years believing that “I could not have it all”, I am here to tell you – YOU CAN! You can have all you desire. And doing this deep work on both yourself & your business will help you clearly define what it is you truly want – not what you need or think you want….what your soul is meant for, what completely nourishes you in every way.

If you are a heart driven, soul led entrepreneur but are struggling to find the balance in your life, I know I have the tools & experience to assist you gain clarity & move forwards into the life & business you want.


If you are a hairdresser and understand the power we have in our hands & our hearts to transform not only a person’s look or their day, but their entire life.

If you would like to learn how to embrace the role of Holistic Hairdressing, I am here to guide you on this path.

Using a program I have developed that encompasses a combination of;

  • self-discovery & deep work with a full CTC session

  • hairdressing techniques

  • communication skills & understanding body language

  • learning important modalities, tools & therapies

  • follow up coaching sessions

  • and online resources

All packaged together to assist you in providing a complete experience for your clients, setting yourself apart from the rest, attracting your ideal clientele - all whilst nourishing yourself & feeling energised & full at the end of the day instead of drained & exhausted. (Available in 2022)

Phone: 0413 112 056



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