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David Solomon

Name: David Solomon


Member Type: Certified Member 


Location: In person at Blakehurst, Sydney or globally via Skype / Zoom


Available for:     CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail™

                        Weight Loss & Nutrition Mentoring

                        Business Mentoring





                        TimeLine Therapy


About me: David Solomon - your holistic mentor and transformational expert.

I have had a wealth of experience in business & in life including such diverse activities as:


• a rebellious teenager and young adult

• an army officer in training

• a financial services executive, corporate trainer, executive recruiter and head hunter

• a director and chairman of both companies and not-for-profits

• a business owner and music industry entrepreneur

• a business coach & mentor

• an actor and singer

• a spiritual seeker

• losing nearly 30 kg and regaining my health

• a husband (one wife, 33 years and going strong)

• a father (3 adult boys)

• an author and speaker

• a CTC Master Therapist

• and many, many more.


But these are just the roles I have played – they don’t necessarily define who I am. I currently call myself a Holistic Mentor but the essence of what I am is still a teacher and a healer.


My life’s journey like most has been interesting - filled with many challenges, learning and blessings - all of which have made me the person I am today, in turn allowing me to truly understand and connect with people from all walks of life, no matter what their situation or experience.


You see, I woke up one day and realised that my true purpose was to bring all that knowledge and experience with me and to teach others how they can live a life they truly love. This is my passion.


Living a life you truly love comes from:


• Freeing yourself of all that holds you back from being the best you can be;

• Bringing your energy, your spirit & your power back into present time;

• Doing work that revolves around your passion, purpose and soul goals so you do what you love and love what you do.


Your soul goals are found in your seed, your truth, your authenticity. You’ll know them because you’ll feel compelled to take action, you’ll feel connected and you’ll feel joy. Because that's where your magnificence lies and that's how you build a higher purpose life and/or business – being who you are meant to be.


I have an intuitive ability for seeing your potential, the blockages that hold you back and what needs to be done to help you step fully into your power, therefore living the life you truly desire. Over the years I have become highly qualified in many areas and modalities to give me the necessary tools to complement my experience.


I have accepted my calling and I am completely committed to guiding, healing, empowering and motivating you, most importantly showing you how easy it is to live life with passion.


I see clients for personal sessions of the life-transforming CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail™ as well as Life Coaching, Weight Loss & Nutrition Mentoring & Business Mentoring.


Take advantage of my guidance and step into your power and live the life you dream.


Contact details:


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