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Kathy Bolton

Name: Kathy Bolton


Member Type: Certified Member 


Location: Perth, Western Australia for in-person sessions and globally via skype.


Available for:   CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail ™,

CTC & Virtual Gastric Sleeve Program for Weight Loss, Transformational Life Coach, EFT & Reiki Combination Session, Intuitive Energy Healing, Bowen Therapy, Aromatouch Technique, Essential Oil Educational Classes.


About me: I’m an intuitive energy healer, integrated holistic therapist and transformational life coach on a lifelong journey exploring the intersection of science and spirituality, immersing myself in quantum living, being unapologetically aligned with my truth and standing in my divine power. 


My passion is to help others make lasting transformation naturally. I guide people in their journey to wholeness step into their own inner wisdom and re-awaken their magnificence through mindset processes, body awareness and soul work.


I love working with the mind/body connection and how we can change our lives by intentionally unwinding the nervous system, releasing stored emotions from the body and rewiring neural networks with simple practice and a change in mindset. My expertise is helping clear limiting beliefs, negative emotions, themes, patterns and conditioning ingrained deep in the subconscious learned since birth, inherited from generations before you or carried over from past lives. 


Clients often describe my approach as calming, insightful, intuitive, caring and kind-hearted. My style is to work with you, beside you, guiding and supporting you to discover your full potential. 


I provide you with tools, teachings, resources and experiences to remember your way home to self, to raise your frequency and return to a state of harmony on all levels of being. 

Whether you are seeking a new path, wanting to find yourself or you would like to leave behind old belief systems, when we work together you can expect lasting change and a deep knowing that you have the skills to create the life your heart desires. 


I am a certified CTC ™ Master Transformational Therapist, CTC ™ for Weight Loss Therapist, Life Transformation Coach, Louise Hay Heal Your Life ® Trainer, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Time-Line Therapist, Essential Oil Specialist, Nutritional Therapist, Advanced Specialised Bowen Therapist, Reiki 2 Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Crystal Therapist and Aromatouch Technique Therapist. 


Contact Details:


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