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Lidia Markovic CTC Training Oct 2023.png

Lidia Markovic

Name: Lidia Markovic

Member Type: Certified Member


Location: Australia 

Globally via Zoom

Hello, I'm Lidia.


A mum, wife, coffee lover, CTC master therapist with a mission to help women tap into their inner resources, dissolve limiting beliefs, and re-discover the potential already within them. I believe that every individual possesses the ability to create incredible change and lead an inspiring and fulfilling life.

I understand what it's like to feel frazzled, running on empty, juggling so many roles. Admired by others for being a high-achiever yet feeling like you're not achieving enough, let alone focusing on your dreams, all the while struggling to maintain a calm mind and body. 

My goal is to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and blocks by utilising a combination of powerful modalities to achieve true fulfilment, transformation and to regain your strength to focus on thriving, not merely surviving. 

Challenges in life are guaranteed, however, after the deep inner work you'll view and react to them differently and move through them so much quicker. 

I am committed and excited to helping you lead a life that aligns with your highest potential! 

Available via zoom globally.


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