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Marissa Sewell

Name: Marissa Sewell

Member Type: Certified member


Location: Sydney Australia for in-person sessions and globally via Zoom


Available for: CTC -Combined Therapy Cocktail

Reiki & white Light meditation

EFT & Reiki Combination session


About me: 


Im a CTC Master therapist & Reiki practitioner. I have worked in the Healthcare Industry in the corporate setting  for over 15 years. I have alway loved helping people. 


 I too had emotional and confronting issues for any years and then one day I decided to have a CTC -Combined Therapy Cocktail session  and that was 15 years ago.Since that first session it changed my life forever.  I had another  session years later to peel back more and more layers of myself to enable me to take the next step into becoming a CTC Master Therapist .Im now a certified and qualified CTC Master Therapist.The  time has come for me to help others step into their power, and become a better version of themselves,  I was finding that I was  giving advice rather than being able to guide people into living a better version of themselves and stepping onto their power. This is my passion and my  journey is to help you now, Im a firm believer that  the key to having the life you desire is in the art of forgiveness and a change of perception and then everything changes. 


Let me take you on the journey of releasing all  negative emotions, fears, phobias and much more & let me show you how to become a better version of you and step into your power.


 Please take a moment to watch my video.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Contact details:




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