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Prashant Gangwani

Name: Prashant Gangwani

Member Type: Certified member


Location: Services available by Zoom (globally) and in person at Canberra, ACT Australia


Available for:

CTC Combined Therapy Cocktail



Past Life Regression

Spirit Clearing


Reiki + EFT Package

Hypnosis + EFT Package

About me: 


My goal is to bring you back to YOURSELF with Love. 

To help you connect to your divine light body, from a place of love that radiates out from within you, touching everything around you. The greatest thing I could teach you is self-love. Everything else just follows. When you love yourself enough to step up to let go of the past, you step into your divine purpose and magic just flows through you.

No matter where you are in life, no matter what you do, and no matter what your story is or your fears or phobias. If you feel like you want to be and feel more, let me guide you to being that beautiful you from a place of love just as  I was guided by my mentor Joanne to find the deepest connection with yourself.

Contact details:


Phone : 0423579305


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