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Rentia Visser

Name: Rentia Visser

Member Type: Certified Member


Location:  in-person sessions at her property

just outside of Alstonville NSW or Globally via Zoom


CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail
Life Mastery Coaching

A little bit about ME:

Rentia was born in South Africa and emigrated with her family to Australia in 2015.


She has a clinical background, with tertiary degrees in both Science and Accounting.


However her life changed irrevocably (and much for the better 😊) when she trained as a CTC Master Therapist (CTC = Combined Therapies Cocktail) and Reiki Practitioner and discovered the world of energy and energy-healing. 


A whole new world opened up and now she is passionate about teaching others to unlock their true potential, and live a full spectrum life.


When you live from the heart, you step into your power, and that changes everything..


She loves supporting clients as a Reiki Healer, and as a Life Mastery Coach, especially Teens and Young adults.


She believes in empowering all those that are drawn to her to live their highest vision – clients, friends and family alike!


She’s available for in-person sessions on their beautiful Macadamia farm just outside Alstonville or Globally via Zoom



Available for:

CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail
Life Mastery Coaching

Contact Details:

Phone: 042 996 4495



Website links and listings:


Life Mastery Coaching:


Natural Therapy pages:



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