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Robyn Ellen Oct 2023 CTC Therapist Training.png

Robyn Ellen

Name: Robyn Ellen

Member Type: Certified Member


Location: South Gippsland Victoria (In-Person)

Globally via Zoom

Available for:
CTC Sessions
Shiatsu and Oriental therapy Practitioner Massage/body worker
Aromatic Kinesiology Flower Essences Feng Shui
Space clearing


About me:

I am Robyn Ellen the owner of , I am an intuitive healer a creative energy and body worker having nearly 3 decades of experience in the health and wellness industry.


Prior to doing CTC I found that I could only take my clients to where I was currently at, I needed to step up and clear a backlog of emotions that limited me from reaching my true potential.


CTC has gifted me with the very tools and processes to help you also, unlock your potential to live the life of your dreams.


If you are finding yourself stuck, lost, overwhelmed, weighed down, knowing that there is more for you to achieve, having limiting beliefs, part of you knows you can but part is holding you back, then this session is for you.


Be sure to contact NOW for a complimentary chat on how the process can benefit you. Help you find your spark, your purpose and passion, return to your unique self where your soul is calling you to be free and shine.


Phone: 0488990598

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