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Sarah McDouall

Name: Sarah McDouall


Member Type: Clinical Member


Location: All services are available via skype (globally) or in-person Central West NSW, Australia.


Available for:        CTC THERAPY™

                            CTC FOR WEIGHT LOSS

                            POST CTC MOMENTUM COACHING

                            PEAK PERFORMANCE & LIFE COACHING

                            EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE

                            QUIT SMOKING PACKAGE

                            REIKI & ENERGY HEALING


About me: I am a certified Master CTC Therapy™ Practitioner and Strategic life coach. I am also a qualified Practitioner in Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique and a Reiki Master (Usui System). Most importantly though I have a huge passion and drive to assist people in living a life they love full of happiness, drive, joy and energy.


I created The Singing Frog out of a passion to share my story and what helped me in my own recovery from chronic Illness and also from a passion for Self-development and growth. The Singing Frog is a constantly evolving vitality hub that has something for everyone, all of my services can occur virtually or in person, so don’t be deterred by location. I assist people all over the world, so whether you are in Japan, Europe, America or even Iceland and if have a phone or the internet then I can help! Our Mission at The Singing Frog is to reach as many people as possible and provide tools, education and options to empower people to set themselves free and be great!


If you are ready to set yourself free from anything holding you back or perhaps you are wanting to challenge yourself and grow as a person then you are in the right spot. I encourage you to have a look at the services I offer or contact me for a free 30 minutes conversation to see if I can assist you on your path to wellness, vitality, joy, abundance and passion. 


I am a nature lover, wife and mother of two beautiful children. I live on a picturesque farm near Orange, NSW. Australia that I adore and in my spare time you will find me going on bush walks, meditating near the creek, riding my horse Maggie or find me with my head in a book or podcast on personal development, the brain, quantum physics or energy medicines. As a family, we love camping, being close to nature, spending time with our friends and family and travelling. 


I also have a Master of Project Management, a Bachelor Education and Graduate Certification in Business Management and currently I am completing the Tony Robbins Mastery University and the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy intensive programs.



Contact details: 


                           Phone Number: International +61423655556                                (Aus) 0423655556

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