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Sharon Tunley

Name: Sharon Tunley


Member Type: Certified Member


Location: In-person in Greater Sydney (Kingswood or in your Home) or via Skype / Zoom


Available for:    CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail™

                        Life Coaching and Mentoring


                        Reiki Healing

                        Medicine Drum Healing

                        Aromatouch Technique



About me: Fondly tagged as Lady from Nowhere… Is Everywhere, my name is Sharon Tunley.

Through my own journey, we call life, I have learnt so much about me, myself, and I. 10 years ago I started to explore different practices, starting asking questions, knowing that there was more to life that I needed to discover. When I was ready, doors opened, and Reiki is where I started, and who knew all these years later that I, yes I, have helped to shape and create an amazing magical life that I know I deserve, and have learned to appreciate all that I have experienced to-date. Everything I went through or go through had or has meaning. So now it’s about embracing change, challenging experiences, and life head on to continue to learn and grow.

Discovering oneself, learning self-healing and development skills are important to anyone’s life, and one I am very passionate about. Through my personal learnings, I am now able to pay it forward and teach others through the services I provide.

Healing sessions with me can be very different. You will receive what you need at the time you meet me. No one person is the same, so no one session is the same… so whether that be


 • a powerful transforming CTC session that can quickly cut the crap, to help give you understanding that you can learn from your life and experiences which can help you to move forward with more clarity and purpose. This process can free you from anything that may be holding you back;

• in a location of your choosing some time out to experience the vibrations from the Medicine Drum or Reiki;


• time out for relaxation to re-balance mind, body, or soul through an Aromatouch Technique session a simple, yet powerful holistic treatment in your own home using a combination of 8              specific pure Essential Oils with human touch. This helps to relieve stress, to make you feel relaxed and empowered, re-centred. It also brings an energetic, healthful energy to the        muscles and organ systems.

• a reading to provide guidance and next steps


• a coaching session which can help to unlock a person’s potential to maximize your performance. It helps you to learn rather than be told. You already have the solutions, I just help to unlock them by providing a space and time to honour and seek that solution.

Whatever you decide, will be right for you! Each soul that crosses my path is unique, therefore your session with me will be unique!


Contact details:

                          Follow me on: facebook

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